The Room At The Top of the house

Josh finds the outside world a fascinating and frightening place. At a time when he is most vulnerable, a room of forgotten things quickly becomes the perfect place for him to escape reality. His family make a desperate attempt to help him realise there is more to life than photos on a shelf and postcards under the door.


This is an honest and uplifting show about fear and the impact our decisions have on those we care about, told through mesmerising movement, poetic text and visual inventiveness. 

"Thoughtful and fresh, the young company’s well structured show has a subtly delivered but somewhat simple message of mental health awareness." THE SCOTSMAN


★★★★ "This is a slick and thoughtful piece, using the performers' skill and the medium of physical theatre to highlight an issue that will affect as many as one in three people in their lifetimes." FRINGE GURU

Devised by 

Michael Woodhall 
Alice Dale 

Simon Panayi 

Stephanie Newell

Martyn Bignell 

Georgina Weller 

Performed by 

Martyn Bignell 

Felicity Donnelly


Dan Morgan

Georgina Weller 

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Based in lincoln, england